measurement and control (M&R)

Measurement and control systems implemented by our company are designed primarily to customers who long for an effective, economical and functional operation of their facilities, therefore it is often called intelligent building management. Although the application of this term nowadays refers to rather larger industrial complexes, or administrative, medical and educational centres, measurement and control systems are suitable for smaller scale facilities like family houses or apartments either. Our company is able to offer clients an individual approach, precise design, rapid implementation and thorough maintenance of their measurement and control system reflecting their particular wishes and specific characteristics of the facility.

Individual implemented projects of measurement and control differ in scope; however, they are based on the same principles: the optimized, low energy demanding operation of technologies and an emphasis on maximum safety achieved by minimum interference of a human factor in the process of its operation or maintenance. The result is to obtain a perfect overview on the currently running processes, potential failures, but in particular the possibilities of integrating smoothly functioning installed technologies. In relation to the measurement and control systems we are talking about control of heating, cooling, lighting, air conditioning, electronic security systems, electronic fire alarm systems, camera systems, etc.

Fundamental standards by which we compare our installed control systems and instrumentation, are, in particular, their simplicity (always to provide just the basic information), excellent technical quality (guaranteed error free and reliable operation), and flexibility.

Individual options of intelligent house projects and measurement and control systems vary according to the structure of integrated systems, which can either be interconnected with each other on two levels, or can be combined. The first option of the measurement and control system is the control and regulation of small scale technology systems in the facility through the group of independently operating sub-stations which are interconnected through a collector and allow sharing of collected information. Second, higher level, consists of central unit in form of a PC with appropriate software, providing central oversight and communication with all systems and monitoring their current status and reporting of fault events. If the end components are so-called intelligent, i.e. if they can be controlled via a protocol or just electronically, it is for granted that the control system on the basis of programmed parameters, such systems and equipment, also actively controls. The operation software of measurement and control system is always suggested with regard to the size of the facility and in particular the extent of monitored (controlled systems) and end controlled devices. We are ready to implement projects of remote facility control in several locations distant from each other. Even with such measurement and control systems we have had large experience.

Intelligent building, and in particular measurement and control system not only provides comfort to the customer according to his or her ideas, but also saves operation costs. Thanks to a precise temperature, humidity, illumination and air conditioning offers indoor climate of the facilities on the highest level. Our company is able to offer the best and most economically advantageous solution for the measurement and control system in major administrative centres, industrial buildings, supermarkets, but also in small scale such as in family houses or larger apartments.