electronic security systems (ESS)

Electronic Security Systems (ESS) belong currently to the most popular products offered by our company. Individual approach in the design, speed of implementation, flawless operation and thorough maintenance with due emphasis on quality of installed systems has made this service in the field of security one of the most demanded in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS) are today an essential part of protecting the facilities, regardless of their size, topographic division and other characteristics. Its meaning is to monitor and prevent the possible trespassing into a facility and undesired movement within it, all this in order to prevent the damage caused to property, by its theft, damage or even total destruction. Electronic Security Systems (ESS) have their core in the secured switchboard, which evaluates the signals from other parts of the system and informs about the current security status of the facility. The switchboard, or its external table, gives the client at every moment perfect overview on the security status of various parts of the facility

For many years, we have been connecting Electronic Security Systems (ESS) through GSM phone or communicator (or radio) to the central security control room (PCO). This solution ensures rapid and effective intervention in case of the facility trespassing. The switchboard receives its data through the end elements of the system. The standard is to use a few elements of protection at the same time, such as a motion detector (PIR), glass breaking detectors, magnetic contacts, space sensors, infrared barrier, etc.

For most Electronic Security Systems (ESS) we usually use a motion detector (PIR), the selection and installation of which is performed with regard to the specifics of the building so that the motion detector effectively covers the largest monitored area, its location must correspond to local climatic conditions, while minimizing the aesthetic interference of the location spot.

Other potential security risks are usually eliminated by magnetic contacts. They represent simple but effective protection of facilities against the threat of breaking inside through doors or windows. The security of window panes is enhanced when applying glass breaking detectors which are activated at the time of their eventual destruction. To achieve the highest level of security we offer our customers a kit of vibration detectors designed to monitor any vibrations in the areas where any efforts can be predicted for their potential damage and unwanted entry into the facility.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS) are normally installed with the switchboard panel controlled by a keyboard that monitors all activity of detectors. It means the user is not only acquainted with the current state of the system, but also controls the entire system, enters the codes to activate or deactivate the sensors, etc. The acoustic manifestation of potential alarm is provided by a series of sirens installed to cover the entire area inside or outside the facility.

We can design and install Electronic Security Systems (ESS),either in a classic, or also a wireless form, or combine both solutions where appropriate.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS) represent highly efficient but also cost-effective solution to protect any type of property. Our company has had a long experience in implementing projects of this kind, which can be manifested by a creative approach with design of the Electronic Security Systems (ESS) directly tailored to the individual requirements of the customer, depending on the facility´s size and security level. We design and install Electronic Security Systems (ESS), whose reliability we have verified in many applications. We install, on the basis of our experience, the systems of Galaxy, Millennium Dominus, Digiplex most often, but there are also many others we can recommend to work with.