data networks

Today, when building and reconstructing the high-speed data networks, the most important aspects are the speed, safety, flexibility and effective deployment of its components within the area. To achieve a high-quality data network satisfying all the requirements, however, means to pay due attention to the project from the very beginning, or to rely on a trusted partner with many years of practical experience, who acts in the best client´s interest. We have been focusing on data networks (especially their passive part under well-established name of “structured cabling”) since our foundation in 2002. Structured cabling, both in its metallic parts and in parts of the optic backbone, progressively turned in one of the most frequent projects required from our company. Each stage of the project is approached with precision and professionalism: from initial design and consultancy, subsequent studies and design to final installation of data networks. We are ready to design and implement the most convenient and out of the expense point of view also the most acceptable solution, depending on the size, characteristics and complexity of your area.

Structured cabling is carefully chosen with respect to price / performance ratio in order to provide a simple, durable and long lasting solution. In venues, whose size exceeds the length requirements for the distance between the structured cabling plugs from switchboards, we offer solutions to build backbone optical network between those switchboards. We offer a wide range of optical components, starting with SM and MM cables, connectors, SC, ST and ending with the optical storing components of the highest parameters.

Our clients are offered a structured cabling of 5E category, more demanding customers as well as category 6. To apply the latest technologies, we can also implement category 6. We are totally independent on the system manufacturers and there we can always assist the customer with the selection, assessment and recommendation of specific parameters. After analyzing the possible external effects we always present to the client an unshielded, shielded or double-shielded version. Structured cabling is always adequately protected against these influences. Our advantage is the fact that we have a measuring device, which can measure structured cabling of all categories.

Passive part of the standard data network includes usually installation cables, connecting cables (patchcords), patch panels (compact or modular), data sockets (RJ 45), and data switchboards. In case of the end sockets and switchboards, their aesthetic aspect and their design is also taken into account, especially colour and shape are always suggested after consultation with the client. We apply similar attitude in the design and placement of cabling into parapet gutters, wall, hanging devices etc. Therefore, the structured cabling is always useful, but discrete and integrated part of the building.

Over the years of experience, our company has acquired the know-how in installing a data network to a wide range of venues that differ in their use and size. In each of them, however, structured cabling was installed exactly according to the customer´s demands. We are therefore prepared to offer our clients a comprehensive solution of any data network with any transmission speed, with any safety requirements and very long, in some cases even life-long warranty.