CCTV systems

One of the key elements of our service, since the company was founded in 2002, has been solutions related to camera systems. Thanks to many years of experience we have achieved excellent professional skills in design, installation and maintenance of selected types of cameras, which are chosen with regard to their high quality and specific characteristics of objects to be monitored. Camera systems are currently not a matter only of large, industrially or commercially used premises, but have recently found their application in efficient monitoring of family houses, apartment complexes, restaurants, sports, medical or administrative centres of all sizes. Likewise, the camera systems are used for monitoring of a wide range of outdoor spaces, such as those surveilled by some municipal authorities or municipal police. Our company is, for each individual case, able to choose out of the most advanced products on the market such camera systems, which represent the best solution from both economic and security point of view.

CCTV camera systems (Closed Circuit Television), fulfil without a doubt the aforementioned characteristics. Thanks to the closeness of the television system circuit with user-definable security parameters, no unauthorized entries to the system are allowed, and thus its potential threat of the misuse of recordings is avoided. CCTV camera systems consist of a wide variety of cameras, depending on the characteristics of the object and the client’s requirements. With our experience in consulting and designing, our client always obtains the necessary information about such camera systems which are most suitable for him or her, i.e. if to choose for particular project fixed, revolving or so-called tube camera, with features day / night, indoor or outdoor cameras, etc. All these options may be accounted for with respect to its planned location, technical parameters (zoom, rotation, quality of scanned images, etc.), simplicity of service, connection to a computer network or the Internet (IP cameras), and many other characteristics. In all cases, our company is ready to offer a camera system with a complete implementation of the project, using the latest technologies.

Our company cooperates with several leading global manufacturers of camera systems, thus using only CCTV systems of the highest quality. Their experience in research, development and manufacturing of CCTV products and security cameras guarantees their reliability and meeting of the most demanding requirements of the customer. Our mutual philosophy has become a common effort to follow the continuous progress in the field and monitoring of the latest market trends in the process of development. Within this concept fits a wide range of products by worldwide producers such as TEB, Tyco, Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic, Sony, Axis and many others that are widely used throughout the world.

Currently, we are ready to offer a camera system with special types of cameras. Examples of these are mobile cameras, which offer an excellent solution for monitoring of large areas in particular, especially supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouses or data centres, without the risk of so-called blind spots. The current evolution series of cameras offers the latest and very discreet coverage of the monitored area through the rapid movement of the camera inside the tube of unlimited length. The camera, moving at speeds up to 6 m / s, performs all standard functions, including rotation of 360 °, angle> 90 ° (with auto-flip) or 18x zoom, all at retaining the highest possible image quality and signal ensuring. Moving of the camera can be programmed for more than 100 preset positions with regard to quantity and distribution of monitored spots. These camera systems are controlled through an intuitive keyboard with a pair of joysticks, whose design combines simplicity with a carefully designed ergonomics for comfortable handling. By utilizing a single camera, such camera systems provide the most economically beneficial alternative in the pursuit to monitor larger areas, taking into account lower costs of materials, installation, servicing and maintenance.

On regular basis we offer our clients also different camera systems with rotating (dome) cameras for which the functions like 360 ° coverage, 100 ° tilt with auto-flip or zoom varying from 72x to 312x, programming to hundreds of positions, etc are taken for granted.

Finally, our company uses for CCTV systems and offers the latest cameras, which are available on the market. All of our installed models excel at high sensitivity, low power consumption and provide, clear and sharp images at any time, all while maintaining a favourable price / performance ratio. For some camera systems, we recommend using a small model of rotating cameras, called mini-dome, which can be used in very demanding conditions. These types of cameras can be mounted on wall or ceiling for obtaining the optimal shooting position. We really take pride out of the fact that the CCTV systems installed by us are always is accord with customer´s requirements.

CCTV systems are commonly equipped with video recorders. Here we use only such products that meet the strictest demands with regard to controlling a large number of cameras, high quality recording, analysis and video transmission and resolution. They include a standard CD burner drive and a USB port for easy data export. To display the acquired recordings, either LCD monitors, with sizes from 17 “to 40″ are used, or IP monitors, enabling real-time display and recording controlling both analogue and IP cameras.