access and attendance systems

Access control and attendance system is one of the most important areas of protection and security of facilities of various types, sizes and determinations. Such systems provide a complete overview on the entry, exit and movement of persons or vehicles within the monitored area. Many years of intensive, especially practical experience with these systems allow us to offer to all our customers sound advice in the stage of design and highly skilled and professional installation, both for access and attendance system.

Access control system is used for immediate identification of persons (vehicles), which pass through the designated entrance (and possibly exit) a facility, whether in the form of ordinary doors, turnstiles, gates or doors equipped with electromagnetic locks. Access control system (ACS) gives therefore the client confidence that the specific area was accessed only by a person with appropriate authorization. At the same time the access system provides the customer at any moment with a perfect overview on the actual situation, enabling the customer to respond flexibly and manipulate with the permissions for the entry and the exit.

Complete access control system frequently uses access identification cards, contact and contactless chips and biometrics (e.g. fingerprints), at a wide range of facilities: the gates, car parks, hotels, garages, shopping centres, as well as homes, offices or family houses . There are special access system designed for tracking and the associated increased security at schools or construction sites. With all the options we have had years of experience and therefore we are aware which access system to choose to suit the selected facility most.

We compose ach access control system, out of the finest products on the market, taking into account specific customer requirements, such as database size, reading distance of the storage media, the scope of required information on incoming (outgoing) person, the possibility of extension or removals, creation of statistics, resistance to damage, etc . Nevertheless, our company always ensures that the access system has the features of simple operation, easy configuration, flexible handling of access rights and represents an overall optimal design solutions within the particular facility. Access control system commonly consists of a PC equipped with appropriate software, the management terminal, the control unit, the reader and the identification media.

Broad range of customers have grown to like attendance systems designed, installed and maintained our company. Attendance system extends the capabilities of the client regarding the records of an employee´s attendance. Attendance system provides an efficient tool for calculating wages, bonuses, overtime, emergency, catering, etc., but particularly it monitors arrivals and departures of the client´s subordinates, immediate and retrospective detection of their presence in the workplace, real working time, etc. The attendance system thus minimizes the potential effect of any potential human alteration of attendance records. Our company is ready to offer our clients attendance systems tailored and certified by leading world manufacturers, a real attendance system, that guarantees proven quality and reliability.