high-voltage systems

In recent years, facility management has been successfully established in the Czech Republic (since 2007 it has even been defined by special European standard EN 15 221-1) and is increasingly used also by our customers. Our company provides one of the most fundamental and most important part of facility management operation of facility technologies. The matters regarding administration, maintenance, servicing and operation of facility technology we treat individually with regard to system solutions and relation to other parts of the facility management. We mainly focus on the following types of services.

We operate the technological control rooms (dispatching centres), in case there are demanding facility technologies implemented and permanent supervision of the ongoing processes of different systems is required, all of course with regard to the specifics of the facility, installed technology, the most optimal and economical operation and last but not least, the wishes and requirements of the facility owner. Smaller scale projects, however, often do not require constant monitoring of dispatching personnel, nevertheless their regular inspection and servicing it is quite sufficient. Therefore, we offer a service of facility technologies manager, who is then responsible for smooth operation of the systems and their regular maintenance. Under these contracts, we focus particularly on ensuring regular inspections, tests, inspections and preventive checks of each technology separately.

In operation of facility technology we dispose a qualified staff with high expertise in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and it is not a problem for us to manage very large central monitoring and control systems (including so-called intelligent facility management) to ensure flawless operation of measurement and control (M & R) systems and energy management of facilities (including the energetic function). Of course there is the operation of air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and mechanical devices such as lifts, automatic doors, gate and entry systems. We also apply our years of know-how in the field to care for the waste and water management and recently very popular setting up a helpdesk service directly tailored to the customer. We are therefore ready for the most demanding requirements related to the facility technologies.

In all cases we do our best to ensure that our projects comply with all applicable statutory standards of Czech and European legislation. facility management, in particular its significant part – facility technology – is a very powerful tool in the event that the maximum amount of technologies inside a facility are integrated into one control system. Then it is possible set all the interactions up to avoid mutual negative interaction between systems and duplication of their work, which all allows achieving very significant cost savings in the operation of buildings. Cost savings, particularly the energy performance of buildings, are the most important effect of our activities on the premises, in which we provide the operation of facility technologies.

Operation of facility technologies as a service is appreciated by each customer, regardless of whether they operate industrial, office, sports, health, business and educational centres or less extensive facilities in the scope like the objects of housing or residential type.