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Many years of practical experience installing, servicing and maintenance of electronic fire alarm systems (FAS), together with an excellent overview of the current offer by the world’s leading manufacturers, makes it possible for us to meet all requirements of the customer and provide the solution in accordance with related legislation. These include a decree of the Ministry of Interior No. 246/2001 Coll. defining the conditions for fire safety and fire safety supervision, and describes the basic concepts and key areas of fire safety (measures to prevent emerging and spreading of fire to protect people and property). Apart from the Czech state institutions, also the EU institutions are devoted to protection of lives and property (e.g. Technical Committee CEN / TC 72, and its issued series of standards EN 54) and there are also insurance companies, which attempt, through the various recommendations or setting premium rates) to achieve the highest possible security of the facilities. For that reason, the fire safety, and related fire alarm systems (FAS), has become an important factor in the design and implementation of construction projects. To establish cooperation with an experienced and reliable partner is therefore in this case at the customer’s best interest.Our company FMIB, s.r.o.  meets without a doubt all above mentioned expectations. It is mostly because we have been involved in each project of electrical fire signalisation from the beginning till its completion, from the design phase, studies, consultancy, designing, installation, and providing warranty to the end customer. Of course there are also regular prophylaxis, inspection and testing of operability involved in the project. All is carried out in accordance with Czech and European standards in force.

There are many reasons for the choice of the electronic fire alarm systems (FAS).  The FAS is today is the most sophisticated and efficient solutions for buildings in the field of fire safety. Fire alarm system (FAS) is a very useful tool in preventing fires, but applying the latest technology, the system is also capable, through an early detection of fire to prevent damages on property, health or even loss of life. This is made possible, in particular, through an eventual installation transmitting remote device, which transmits a signal on fire on the central security control room.  This will ensure the on-time arrival of the Fire Rescue brigade of the Czech Republic.

The electronic fire alarm systems (FAS) consists of individual technical components, whose quantity and location is carefully designed according to the customer’s needs, taking into account the simplest operation by the facility staff, system servicing or regular fire-safety inspections. To the central part of the FAS, central switchboard, is linked another important element – fire alarm, the types of which differ in various detection of changes in ambient conditions. In most cases it is a fire detector, photo-optic smoke detector, heat detector or a combined one. Many years of experience have made us capable to choose such a detector, which is the most suitable for the customer’s needs. In large, mainly industrial buildings, it is also possible to use technology system based on suction. In case the facility, inside which the FAS is to be installed, is not divided into larger units, it is also possible to use fully autonomous fire detectors. An integral part of the electronic fire alarm systems (FAS) is a system of sirens, which provides an acoustic alarm.  Location of these sirens is always suggested with regard to the segmentation of the facility to ensure the audibility of alarms deployed in each of its parts.

When implementing projects of the electronic fire alarm system (FAS) we have cooperated with leading world manufacturers, such as Honeywell (Esser), SCHRACK, LITES, GE Security, Zettler and Siemens.

The electronic fire alarm systems (FAS) is a reliable assistant in fire prevention and FMIB, Ltd is a reliable partner for its designs, projects and installations.

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