Since its setting up in 2002, our company has been involved in designing, implementing and subsequent maintenance of a wide range of projects in the field of weak current systems. Many years of practical experience in the field and complete overview of the latest technologies in the market enables us to achieve excellence in every phase of the project. Our most implemented projects are related to data networks, fire alarm systems (FAS), fire extinguishing equipment, electronic security systems (ESS), synchronous time, public address systems, access control system, attendance systems and CCTV systems. Complete portfolio of our services complements the measurement and control (M & R) and structured cabling, thanks to which we can always offer our clients effective solutions for even the most demanding requirements and integrate efficiently all above mentioned systems.

Since 2003, we have also been focusing on the operation of building technologies, which has become, due to our ability to integrate different systems in buildings and facilities, one of the most interesting services sought-out by our clients. We are able to ensure complete operation of all technical equipment, all with due emphasis on consumption control, efficiency and energy consumption, while of course maintaining the highest level of object and fire safety.

Persistent economic performance, a purely Czech capital and the background provided by our office in Ostrava make us a trusted and reliable partner. Through our subsidiaries in Prague and Zlin we are able to communicate to our customers all over the country and implement projects throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic. Thanks to our strong capital base we can implement also those financially- demanding ones.

Our staff is subject to the strictest demands on performance and quality. Members of our team must have at least ten years of experience in the industry and relevant qualification, which is regularly maintained and increased, as proved by a number of relevant certificates. The same attention is paid to the quality of technical equipment, in particular measuring devices, allowing us to diagnose every fault very and apply professional attitude to each project, no matter of what scale.

Due to our long-term experience with the construction and subsequent operation of technical estates and multifunction office centres we acquired our own know-how in modern building technologies, particularly with regard to reduce their operating costs and minimize security risks.

To all products and services we offer let us add the convenience of using our 24 hour service, a simple description of which is given under “HELPDESK” section. Our permanent or long-term clients may take an advantage of communicating with the company control centre also through the helpdesk, which not only efficiently provides a very fast processing of customer requirements, but also makes it possible for the client to be updated on the current status of the solution of a problem.

Our company philosophy has always been accompanied with the maximum efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. Implementing our project, the client is always sure to be getting a highly comfortable, easy-to-use and economically end energetically beneficial solution. Number of positive references shows that we have been successful in these efforts.

24 hour service